sauna & gym

Relax –
or work out

Our hotel’s wellness area welcomes our guests with a spacious sauna area featuring varying infusions and spaces for you to find quiet and rest. Our guests who like to work up a sweat can do so in the fitness area, which features a variety of modern training equipment.

 Turn up your body heat

Nothing is more relaxing and stimulating than an extended sauna visit with steaming infusions that are varied daily, followed by a cool-down and a pleasant relaxation phase. At the sauna, you can let go of your stress and daily troubles, and feel rejuvenated!

For your refreshment, we offer flavoured water, various fine tees, and fresh fruit. We also feature a small selection of massage and spa treatments, and are happy to meet your individual requests.


Full Steam Ahead to new Energy

Every now and then, we have to take our body to its limits to recharge our inner batteries with fresh energy and vitality. Our spa’s fitness area offers you a variety of options for endurance, cardio, or weight training.

We always have water available for our guests, so that body and soul can get into gear and keep running smoothly.