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 Arrival and Departure

When can I arrive and by when do I have to depart?

Your room is guaranteed to be available at 4 p.m. on your arrival day. Of course, you can come in earlier and deposit your luggage at the hotel if the room is not ready yet.

You wish to arrive earlier and access your room directly? Then book our “early check-in” option at an additional fee (on request and on availability)!

Your room is available until 12 p.m. on your day of departure. If you wish to stay longer, then you can also deposit your luggage with us and enjoy the day.

 Where can I park?

We have limited paid parking at our hotel. Please reserve your spot ahead of time!

A free alternative is available behind the hotel at the ETC (Ice Rink and Tennis center). The large parking lot is free and only a few minutes’ walk away.

Corona – what do I need to know and what is changing?

We are happy that you are travelling in these times, and would like to make your stay as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. Your health, and our employees’ health, is always the highest priority. We work according to the official HACCP hygiene standards and have intensified the respective processes in the current situation.

Our Corona Codex should give you your first impression. Please continue to be aware of the following:


We are currently not offering early arrivals, so that fewer persons are in the hotel at one time. You can access your room at 4 p.m. However you can register as of 1 p.m. If your room is ready, then we will happily give you your key early. However, due to the added cleaning requirements in the current situation, it is also possible that your room may be ready later than 4 p.m. We kindly ask for your understanding and your patience in this case.


A breakfast buffet is again available for our guests. Please adhere to the social distancing rules.

-Cleaning: If you need something while your room is being cleaned, we are available for you. However, it is best if you are not in the room while it is being cleaned.

-The public sauna is currently open.

-Please adhere to the social distancing rules in the fitness area.

-Massages are available upon request. Please have a look at our SPA menu and make an appointment!

-Departure: in order to avoid long lines on your departure day, you can pay your bill at any time during your stay. On very busy days, we may ask you to pay ahead of time. We recommend refraining from a payment in cash – our card readers are designed for contactless payment.

Thank you for your understanding. We hope you have a relaxing stay!


Can my pet stay in the hotel?

Your pets are welcome!

  • However, even pets must follow some rules, so that everyone stays happy:

  • The dog may not visit the restaurant during breakfast hours (open buffet) from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m.

  • You will find all necessary information in the doggy letter in your room: Where is the nearest beach for dogs, when can my dog go to the beach, what rules apply,…? If you lose the letter, you can also find the information on TV in our Guest ABC’s.

  • Rates are available on request

  • Dogs are allowed in every room

Are there family rooms or rooms with connecting doors available? Do I have to bring my own baby bed?

It’s vacation time and of course the kids are coming along! We look forward to our little guests.

For 3 or more guests, you must at least book a CLASSIC size room. We have some rooms in this category with an alcove bed. Suites can be occupied by up to 4 guests. If you need even more room, book a premium room – with a sleep sofa and/or alcove bed!

The 2-room suites are the only option with more than 1 room. We do not have any connecting doors in the hotel. If possible, we will place your rooms close together. However, we can’t make any promises due to possible changes in reservations.

If you need a baby bed for your child, we are happy to provide one (at a fee). But please be aware that not all rooms are large enough for a baby bed. Please reserve at least a CLASSIC category room in this case.

Are there smoking rooms?

No – we are a non-smoking hotel. Please use the balcony in your room, or smoke outside of the hotel

 I have a favorite room and would like to book this exact room again. Is that possible?

If your preferred room is available when you make your reservation, we will try to assign it to you. However, we can only guarantee the room for an additional fee. This is because we lose some flexibility in our room assignments when we guarantee a specific room. This flexibility has financial consequences in certain cases, which we need to compensate. We hope for your understanding in this matter. We are happy to inform you of the fee upon request, and will try to keep it as low as possible.

In General

I forgot something in my room/in the hotel. How can I get it back?

We are happy to send you your belongings, if we find them.

Please understand that we must charge a fee for administration, material, postage, etc. The cost will vary depending on size and shipping options.

If you are nearby and want to pick up your belongings directly, then we will be happy to keep them safe for up to 6 months.

Where can I purchase gift certificates for the hotel?

You can buy a gift certificate on our website, using PayPal (https://thecozy-hotel.de/gutscheine/) or via email and phone, using your credit card number. We only need some personal data: Name of recipient, address, and the desired value. Please remember to let us know if the recipient is also the buyer, so that we can include a personal letter, or omit the invoice!

Please note: Our gift certificates are only available in original form! We write them by hand and send them only via mail, regardless of whether you order online or personally. Please plan for enough time for the gift certificate to be mailed to its destination.

Do I have to pay a tourism or spa tax at Timmendorfer Strand?

Yes. Timmenorfer Strand has a spa tax. Everyone who vacations here is required to pay the tax. The amount varies depending on the season. You can find more information via this link https://timmendorfer-strand.de/service/kurabgabe/

 Is there a restaurant in the hotel? And can I eat there even if I’m not staying overnight?

  • Yes, we have a restaurant which is also open for external guests. The room price includes breakfast. We do not offer half-board.

    If you have special requests (gluten or lactose free, allergies etc.), please contact the reception desk. Our kitchen team is happy to honor your requests and special dietary requirements – please talk to us!

  • Breakfast:

    Breakfast hours are from 7:30 to 11:30. Breakfast is free for our overnight guests.

    We are happy to welcome external guests to our breakfast. Please reserve ahead of time. Since we offer our breakfast as a buffet, you may have to wait for a free table, especially during peak hours (9:00-11:00). While you wait, you can enjoy a coffee or tea specialty in our lounge area – our employees will let you know when a table becomes available. Thank you for understanding that our hotel guests receive preferred treatment, and that we may not take reservations if our hotel is fully booked.


    Dinner is from 5:30 to 10:00 p.m. (kitchen closes) – Please reserve a table. We are happy to take requests for specific tables (e.g. corner table in the conservatory, …). However, please note that we cannot guarantee specific tables. Depending on the amount of reservations, we may have to switch tables. Of course, we want to be able to serve as many guests as possible from our wonderful kitchen.

    We do not offer room service. If you wish to eat in your room, we charge a per-person service fee.


What’s going on in and around Timmendorfer Strand?

Under this link (https://timmendorfer-strand.de/events/veranstaltungen/veranstaltungskalender) you will find all current events in and around our beautiful town!

If you are already at our hotel, you will also find weekly notices on the event board in our hotel lobby.

Bicycle – where can I rent one? Where can I park my own bike?

We cooperate with a regional bicycle rental service, so that there are some bikes available to rent. If we don’t have enough bikes, then you can contact the minigolf center in the park next to our hotel. There are also other rental services in walking distance from the hotel.

We unfortunately cannot offer a reserved parking spot for your bike directly at our hotel. However, you can park your bike next to our rental bikes on the hotel parking lot. Please make sure your bike is locked. We cannot assume liability for stolen bicycles!

Mobility – how can I get around?
  • Where can I rent a bicycle?

During the high season, we rent out bicycles upon request. We have men’s and women’s bikes, as well as a couple of e-bikes.

If we run out of bicycles, there are other rental services in walking distance of the hotel.

Can I travel to the hotel by train?

Timmendorfer Strand has its own train station. So you can arrive by train. There are usually taxis waiting at the station, or we can order one for you. The train station is a 15-minute walk from the hotel.

- Is there a shuttle?

We unfortunately do not currently offer a shuttle service.

Who can use the SPA area?

The SPA and fitness area is included in the hotel fee and available to all of our guests!

The public sauna is currently, unfortunately, only available to our hotel guests.