The Cozy Kitchen
The Cozy Kitchen

Fresh, Tasty, Homemade

From the delicious breakfast for a great start into the day, to the cozy dinner with a glass of wine to finish your day properly. The Cozy Kitchen offers various hand-picked menu options in the mornings and evenings, grounded on fresh basic products that are preferably sourced regionally and seasonally. We also value our professional cooking – without convenience products.

Product Quality is the Focus

Our single-origin coffee is fairly produced and roasted just for us. We bake our cakes by hand, using traditional recipes. The other baked goods, ranging from croissants to burger buns, are sourced from one of the region’s best bakeries. Our cheese, cold cuts, and meat also comes from traditional local businesses, and the cows graze on the nearby fields. We usually get our fish fresh off the cutters. Depending on the season, we purchase our fruits and vegetables as regionally as possible. We take care to ensure the best possible sustainability in each of our ingredients, and of course we place high value on product quality. That is what you will taste when we serve you your plate!

With great passion for craftsmanship – and for our guests

The Cozy Kitchen represents a down-to-earth, traditionally minded and yet modern-oriented kitchen in a relaxed atmosphere. Our talented cooks love their trade and have been professionally educated. All sauces and soups are based on classically prepared meat stocks – without instant products or artificial flavouring – and everything, down to the fruit compote in our yogurt – is homemade. We value refined simplicity for a relaxing evening. In addition to traditional, Northern German dishes which have been moderately adjusted to our modern times, modern classics like burgers add a little variety to the menu. We hope each of our guests will quickly find their favorite dish on our small but exquisite menu. We also have a variety of drinks to offer, including regional beer and selected wines to help round off our culinary creations. Enjoyment – The cozy way.